What must I Pack?

What Do I Pack In My Hospital Bag For Breastfeeding?

I found it quite funny that often the hospital pamphlet as well as on internet and magazines we read about what we should pack in our bag for preparation for birth. In these very informative papers we read about bottles and dummies that we should pack…but what if we want to breastfeed?

What to pack?

So, here is a list of things that I would suggest you need to breastfeed:

  • A cotton bra or two that has no underwire and sits comfortably. Why cotton and no underwire you ask? Underwire in the bra often leads to constricting the breast, this can result in discomfort but also affect flow of breast milk.
  • Watch videos or learn how to hand express as your breasts can really become full at 3 to 5 days after giving birth, expressing even a little bit of breast milk helps to improve comfort (Please don’t attempt to hand express before 36 weeks as this could bring about early labour)
  • Please pack pyjamas in, which allows for easy access by the baby to your breast (saying this we know that polo necks are definitely out). Buttoned shirts are the easiest and once again cotton is beneficial.
  • Cups with lids in which you can express your breast milk out in (you don’t have to go expensive ask your neighbour or friends to keep all their glass jars that no longer in use like their jam pots)
  • A cloth- this can really help especially when needing to put either a cold or warm press on your breast to help with milk flow
  • A cold pack, to help in cases where your breasts may become too full
  • A Water Bottle for yourself to make sure you are well hydrated
  • A good breast pump, in case you find hand expression difficult. If your breasts are full post birth (Day 1 or Day 2) however it is best that you wait before using a pump. The fullness that you might be feeling may not be from breast milk but rather fluid on the breast. Using a pump can make this worse and affect your baby’s ability to suck at the breast.



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