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Greyvenstein Dietitians are Dietitians that are passionate about using Evidenced-Based Nutritional Information to improve lifestyle behaviours and health outcomes.

Food can be enjoyed, but with increased confusing and inaccurate information on nutrition, people often over-restrict and loose their enjoyment for food. A dietary pattern that is not enjoyed can often be hard to maintain resulting often in giving up. Increased pressure is placed on consumers to reflect or maintain the perfect body image; however, one size does not fit all.

Diets that lack balance are often chosen to get “quick fixes”, however these “quick fixes” often have harmful consequences on health. We aim to provide accurate information that focuses on how proper nutrition can influence health outcomes. Nutrition specific management is the focus of Greyvenstein Dietitians.

What is Nutrition Specific Management?

Nutrition Specific Management is individualized treatment plans that results out of consultations which aims to identify the major Nutritional problems and addressing minor issues on the way. Not one person is the same, this also means that every Meal or Diet Plan that is calculated takes into consideration the bigger picture of the individual. Nutrition Specific Management

There are many conditions as well as diseases which has amazing results with scientific research to proof that Professional Nutritional Intervention helps and improves quality of life, alleviation of symptoms and over all health improvement.

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