About ShivaniDietitian Shivani

My name is Shivani Padmini Poinoosawmy. I am originally from Mauritius. I have a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics B.Sc DIET (UKZN), a Postgraduate Diploma in Dietetics, P.G. DIP. DIET. (UKZN) and a Masters of Science in Dietetics,  M.Sc DIET. completed in 2015 all from University of Kwazulu-Natal from Pietermaritzburg. 

My Story

After my graduation as a Masters student I had the opportunity to work for a year as a food service dietitian and manager at Midlands Private hospital in Pietermaritzburg where I enjoyed foodservice, designing and implementing menus and managing a whole unit. I started my community service in 2017 at Leratong Hospital in Johannesburg where I really found my passion for clinical nutrition. On top of managing wards I got to be intensively involved with the diabetic management of paediatrics together with adults, HIV management of patients and SAM management. During my community service I also did sport nutrition courses and lactation courses to better assist the population. I have a wide range of focus in terms of dietary management and have special interest in paediatrics, diabetics, weight loss and sport nutrition.

This is Actually Me

I am passionate about health and nutrition, keeping up with latest dietary trends and FADs. I enjoy making a difference in peoples’ lives by providing them with inspiring knowledge, guidance and motivation to reach their health and wellness goals. I am a sociable person and a team player. I always make sure that we go the extra mile in order to satisfy our clients. I practice what I preach and follow a healthy and balanced approach. By preference I choose fresh, wholesome and healthy foods, but I never restrict myself completely and enjoy chocolate in moderation. I implement good portion control, consistency and exercise regularly.

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