Snacking Done Right


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Snacking Done Right is Your Guide to Avoiding Common Pitfalls when it comes to the snacks not planned for. Every athlete should be able to make informed choices when it comes to snacks to fill those gaps.



Choose The Snack Combination That Fits Your Lifestyle

How to choose the right size for snacking with examples

How does your hunger cues work and how to prepare your snacks so that it fits you

What kind of snacks are healthy easy to keep with you

What snacks take priority and how to make it part of your meal plan

50 kcal or less snacks with over 50 options

50 kcal to 100 kcal snacks with over 50 options

100 kcal to 150 kcal snacks with over 50 options

Average calorie content of alcohol

Recipes with nutritional breakdown


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