Dietitian Services

Food makes up an essential part of our everyday lives. It is difficult not to think about food, let alone forget it (Seeing as food is needed to power our bodies). With increasing food product options, advertising gimmicks, time-limited days, need for “quick-fixes” and increased pressure to perform to be successful, consumers are often found battling with choices and frustration due to conflicting information. On the other hand “body image” has become a familiar word on lips of many. The need to portray the correct “body image” has often place unrealistic expectations on people.

We Dietitians

We Dietitians are 

professionals who analyses diet, lifestyle patterns and nutritional habits to identify more realistic nutritional lifestyle changes that focus on an improved health outcome. Dietitians can assist in the 

following areas (not limited to):

  • Formulating an individualised meal plan without unrealistic restrictions
  • Assist with better eating options without completely deviating from your favourite foods
  • Educate on portion control
  • Providing information on which food products or sources that can aggravate symptoms of a disease
  • Provide information on healthy eating patterns that may prevent the occurrence of lifestyle diseases such as insulin resistance
  • Providing information on infant and young child dietary needs (what to feed and when to feed)
  • You can claim your consultations from your medical aid
  • We are regulated by a Professional counsel
  • We stay up to date with latest nutrition related research
  • We work in collaboration with other medical practitioners – multi-disciplinary health team

Dietitian Services Rendered

Services rendered will include the provision of an individualized nutritional assessment based on height, weight, disease-category and resources at the dispose of individual. Evidence based nutritional guidelines will be provided to aid individuals in meeting nutritional goals set as decided upon by individual with dietitian. A personalized diet will be provided to individual including energy requirements as well as daily servings to be consumed in each food group.

Some of the Activities that can be Expected:

  • Education on a wide range of illnesses and diet-related disorders

  • Nutritional Event Promotion
  • Calculation of nutritional requirements using certain markers like anthropometry (weight, height, percentage body fat), blood values if available, diet history and clinical assessment

  • Analyzing a diet with accredited programs and interpretation

  • Monitoring adherence, and problems relating to the diet


Areas of treatment include:


Treatment Area


Weight Management

Underweight, Overweight, Weight Management During Pregnancy

Endocrinological Disorders

Cushings Disease, Diabetes Type I & II, Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Cholecyctitis


Breast, Colon, Oesophageal, and all others

Heart Health

Hypertension, Stroke (CVA), Heart Attack (MI), Arteriosclerosis, Pre- & Post Operations

Women’s health

Pregnancy Nutrition, , Poly Cystic Overian Disease (PCOS), Gestational Diabetes (GDM)

Infant & Young Children Health

Breastfeeding (Lactation Management), Infant Feeding Practices, Introduction to Solids, Weight Monitoring, Allergies, Picky Eaters & More

Child & Adolesence Health

Weight Monitoring, Energy Sustenance, Allergies, Meal Planning, Snacking

Gastrointestinal Health & Allergies

Diarrhoea, vomiting, nausea, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, peptic ulcer, celiac disease

Sports Nutrition

Advanced Sport Nutrition, Weight Gain, Sustainance of Energy, Performance Planning, Endurance Training, Child atheletes, Strength Training, Team Sports, Runners Training, Recovery

Chronic diseases

Arthritis, Lupus, Renal Disease, Colostomy & Ileostomy, Constipation, HIV


Gastritis, Fatigue, Healthy Eating, Headache

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